Google’s Search Results Ditch The Underlined Links, Increase The Font Size & More In New “Experiment”


No, it’s not just you: Google’s search results may look different right now, thanks to a very large “bucket” test currently underway, which has dramatically changed the look-and-feel of Google’s list of blue links. Most notably, the search result links are no longer underlined, the fonts are larger, and ads don’t have the usual yellow-colored background, but are rather just flagged with a small yellow label that says “Ad.”

Google often runs experiments like this to determine whether or not a change is either financially viable, benefits its user base, or, in the best case, both. Often, these tests fly under the radar, but in the case of something as significant as Google’s search results pages themselves, it’s hard not to notice when they change.

Some users are able to see both the current design and the new design when they switch between browsers, but your mileage may vary…

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