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Girl’s Table

Girl’s Table is a handful of clever girls sitting at a table while discussing the experiences of being a girl. From entrepreneurship to motherhood, fashion to related news, you’ll enjoy a fun, yet informative conversation that’ll be beneficial in more ways than one.

The Perfect ingredients for mind-blowing stuff.

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Q&A Express

Q&A Express is a 1-hour interview session where we put interesting people in the “guest chair” and pick their brains about  careers, life, back stories and viewer tweets & emails.

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Cooking For The Crowd

It’s Food & Wine, the LeopardHop crew and some special guest sprinkled in.  We’ll show you practical ways to cooking amazingly delicious food and scrumptious pastries.

We’ve even added great conversation as an additional course.

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LeopardHop Amplified

LeopardHop Amplified is  designed to add an exciting amount of music, conversation, featured interviews and special segments.

You’ll get great musical acts, gaming, gadgets & tech, current events, pop news and more. It’s all packaged together with a handful of entertainment, a cup of enlightenment and a handful of shenanigans.

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Ignorant Gamerz

A group of hardcore gamerz with a passion to share it all with the world!

Why ignorant?  Well…steal their flag, capture or base or any other such frowned upon activity and you’ll find out. That’s why.

We cover all things PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U including in depth reviews and tons of in-game footage.

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